What a high calling and joy to be serving Jesus!

Here at SGCP we want everyone in our College & Career Ministry to be fulfilled in their calling and experiencing all God has for them. This starts with encouraging each of them to be involved with a community group. This is the context that everyone in the church is to be involved with building relationships and accountability that comes with having healthy relationships.

While Community Groups are an important part of every members experience here we also want young adults in the College and Career Ministry to have the opportunity to build relationships with others in a unique way. Here at SGCP we have some basic goals for this ministry:


1. We want to encourage biblical fellowship in and through everything we plan and do. We want to accomplish this through:

  • A regular monthly luncheon
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Serving projects


2. We desire to have new disciples being added and discipleship happening on a regular basis. We want to accomplish this through:

  • Having a regular Bible study immediately following the monthly luncheon. 
  • Encouraging evangelism by investing in new people and inviting them to be a part of our Bible studies and other events


3. We want to have our CCM people working together in serving both the church and the community and beyond in very practical ways. We want to accomplish this through:

  • Regular serving projects to serve church families
  • Serving at GEM: A Convalescent Home Outreach

Currently we have one Sunday luncheon a month. The College and Career Ministry provides a context for Biblical fellowship and a great opportunity to host and serve friends and others.

The College and Career Ministry coordinates its own outreach and service events; these events take place every one to two months. The outreach events are primarily evangelistic, as they aim to provide opportunities to draw others, especially unbelievers and seekers, into community with people who love Christ.  The serving events have a particular focus on serving the church community as well as the community surrounding our local church.

If you would like more information on how to become involved in the College and Career Ministry, contact Rick Leahy at rickleahy@gmail.com.