Grounded for Life, or G4L, is our parent-led youth group ministry whose purpose is to help shape young adults so that they passionately livefor Christ and faithfully apply the gospel of Christ to their lives. We seek to train and equip parents in their role of discipling their children; we endeavor also to train and equip youth to respond with Godward faith to their parents and culture.

The Bible places the primary responsibility of training children with the parents (Deut. 6:7, Eph. 6:4).  The Bible also places the responsibility for equipping both parents and children with the Church (Eph. 4:11-13). G4L is intended to give focused attention on these responsibilities. Any youth in junior high or high school and their parents are invited to participate. Both parents will need to be committed to participate even though both parents are not required at each meeting or event.

With the start of the new 2016-2017 church year, we're beginning a study through the book of James- putting our faith into action.