Ron & Tami Boomsma

Ron and Tami Boomsma

Lynn & Terri Baird

Lynn and Terri Baird


OUR PASTORS: Ron Boomsma and Lynn Baird

Pastors or Elders, as under-shepherds of Christ (1 Pet. 5:1-4), must serve as examples, teach sound doctrine, guard against false doctrine, care for the spiritual well-being of the church, govern the affairs of the church, equip the church for ministry, and raise up future leadership.



Finance Advisory Team: This group assists the elders by giving counsel in matters of budget, finance, benevolence and stewardship of church resources.

  • Bill Fisher
  • Foster Brereton
  • Sam Lee
  • Dustin Smith

Pastoral Training: Because the elders have been charged with training and equipping the church for ministry and raising up future leaders, they offer pastoral discipleship for men to explore their calling, receive doctrinal and leadership training in the context of the local church. These men will be on the pastoral training team for the 2017-2018 ministry year.

  • Bill Fisher
  • RJ Joshua
  • Steven Partnoff
  • Luke Freidly

Interested in exploring pastoral training? 

Community Group Leaders:  These leaders serve by overseeing small groups who meet regularly to provide a context for discipleship, building community, growing in faith, and for living out the "one another's" in scripture.  

  • RJ and Stacey Joshua
  • Patrick and Jany Sylvester
  • Jeff and Roxanne Treloar
  • Steven and Alex Partnoff
  • Foster and Michelle Brereton
  • Matt and Laura Redmond
  • Terri Baird (Senior Women's Group)
  • Libby Glaros (High School & College-Age Women)

All community group leaders must complete a Leadership Training Course that's held once a year. Interested in growing as a leader? Click the link below to find out more.

Ministry Leaders

  • Sunday Morning Administration: RJ Joshua
  • Worship Team Leader: Ryan Baird
  • Worship Leaders: Jonathan Baird and Nick Glaros
  • Children's Ministry: Nicole Baird
  • Youth: Malcolm Wright
  • College and Career Ministry: Lynn Baird & Team
  • Women's Ministry: Stacey Joshua
  • Pantry: Cheryl Curran
  • Adopt a Meal: Steve and Diane Hannula