For those wishing to explore membership, we offer a half-day seminar:

Discovery Seminar: Find your purpose.

Our Discovery Seminar is a half day class where we explore God's purpose for the church at large and His intentions for the Christian's involvement in the local church. Discover God's will for your life, the theology of the Church, and God's purpose for the Christian's life.

Come discover the benefits and privileges of belonging to a local Body of Christ! 


The Discovery Seminar Overview

We will cover four main topics:

  • Session 1 -  Membership at Sov Grace Pasadena
  • Session 2 - Our Doctrine: The Core Beliefs of Our Church
  • Session 3 - Our Priorities: The Values that Shape Our Church
  • Session 4 - Our Community: The Commitments We Make to Each Other



We will also cover various topics during our time together. We will share with you our principles and practices and invite you to ask questions. Here's a brief list of what we will discuss:

  • Our statement of faith
  • Our involvement with Sovereign Grace Churches
  • Our Membership Covenant
  • Our Commitments to:
    • Complimentarianism
    • Peacemaking
    • Biblical Counseling
    • Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage
    • Church Discipline


Sign Up for the Next Discovery Seminar

If you've been coming to Sov Grace for a while and would like to know more, we would love to sit down with you, share a meal and talk at our next Discovery Seminar.  Click the link below to register for the next class.

The class is a one day format, on June 10, 2017. The schedule will be Saturday 8:30am-3pm (breakfast & lunch provided and childcare upon request).  You can sign up online below or on Sundays at the Ushers' Information Table. With this class format, there is no need to review the material beforehand.