Focus on Ministry

We are starting a new feature on the blog: introducing you to the different ministry leaders here at SGCP. We not only want you to get to know the people who serve us so faithfully each week, but also want you to know the various ministry that happens on Sunday, and throughout the week as well.

Today, we want to start with RJ Joshua our Sunday Morning Administrator. We’ve asked him a few questions. Keep reading to find out more about him and what he does.

RJ Joshua: Sunday Morning Administrator

RJ Joshua: Sunday Morning Administrator

 Q. Where do you serve?

A. I’m the Sunday Morning Administrator.

Q. What do you do?

A. I help coordinate, oversee, and facilitate the activities required to make Sunday Mornings run smoothly. I make sure that the pastors and department heads have what they need to be able to serve without distractions or worries.

 The SMA has to have the ability to remember the details, be comfortable delegating, training, and stay accessible, encouraging people in the Lord.

 Q. Do you have a team?

 A. Yes, I have a wonderful team of people who love the Lord and love to serve.

 Q. Who are they?

Mainly the department heads:

Mike McMahon (head usher),

Nicole Baird (Children's Ministry Lead),

Matt Redmond (AV Lead),

Cheryl Curran & Alexandria Partnoff (Pantry Leads),

Jonathan Baird (Worship Team Lead),

Andrew Martinez-Lopez (Sound Lead),

Steve Hannula (Bookstore Lead),

Liz Johnson (Communion Lead),

Aaron Schiffer (Signs Lead),

Paloma Romero (Coffee Cart Lead),

Laura Redmond (Assistant SMA),

then there are my wonderful closers: Raffi Kouyoumdjian, Dennis Giammichele, and Chris Frick.

And of course those who have been cleaning church during the week; Ashley Boomsma, Taylor Boomsma, Jany Sylvestor, Kit Fisher (SGA Lead.)

Q. What do they do?

 A. Well, the leads typically oversee teams of individuals who feel called to serve the Body of Christ in various capacites.

Q. What do you enjoy about serving in this area?

 A. I love serving the Lord. It's a time where I get to say thank you Lord for all He’s done and is doing in my life; I'm so grateful!  I want to try and show Him how much I love Him by doing whatever I can to take care of His sheep in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

Q. Can you share a story on how God has worked through this ministry?

A. Sure. When I first came to Sovereign Grace Pasadena, I was guarded and sad because, like so many, I had been wounded by the church and beat-up by the world.

                   I know needed to be in church to hear the word, but I was scared to be a part of the church, which required me to trust and be vulnerable to others, before God. It wasn't until the end of a class called Self Confrontation that the Lord opened my eyes to see that what I was doing was hiding behind self-love, and pride. I was using what other people had done as an excuse to not hold myself accountable to the Lord.

                  The best part is when I finally allowed the Holy Spirit to challenge me and reveal my heart to me, the Lord didn't condemn me but showed me how much He had been pursuing me to forgive me of all my sins and how much He was able to take away my fears of being vulnerable. He asked me if I would serve Him in the capacity. He promised me that he would give me a love for His people, and that I would get to see Him peeking out of someone every Sunday. That I would see Him move through someone every week, and that He and I would share great laughs together standing in the field together.... watching over His flock. I feel closest to the Lord in amongst His sheep, I love Him so I can't help but love them!