A Follow Up On False Teachers

A few months ago i when we were preaching through 2 Peter I blogged about the ever present danger and availability of false teaching in our world. It's not a matter of if you hear false teaching but how much you are hearing it. If you are on the internet (Facebook, blogging, etc.) at all you will be subjected to false teaching. Some of it very subtle, and some of it pretty obvious. The question is whether we are using discernment or not. Many people call themselves Christian and even Evangelical and say they believe the Bible, yet are preaching and exporting false teaching. Its up to you to use God given discernment to make sure you are not being taken in by it. With this in mind I have a link here to an article from Desiring God ministries that I felt would be helpful for you consideration. Hope it helps. 

Here's to keeping our hearts and minds in a healthy, biblical place!


Read this article at Desiring God HERE