A New Church Plant in Santa Ana - and how you can be a part of it!


In our history as a local church, Sovereign Grace Pasadena has been instrumental in planting 3 churches: San Diego, Kansas City and Orange.  And, now, Orange is launching the beginnings of planting another neighborhood church in Santa Ana.

Planting Churches is one of the 7 shared values we have as a Sovereign Grace Church. 

 The following list was adopted in the new SGC Book of Church Order. It's what one has called "the DNA of our family of churches."

  1. Reformed soteriology
  2. Gospel-centered doctrine and preaching
  3. Continuationist pneumatology
  4. Complementarian leadership in the home and church
  5. Elder-governed and -led churches
  6. National and international outreach and church planting
  7. A family of interdependent churches united in fellowship, mission, and governance.

Next week, we as a church have an opportunity to live out some of these values- being a family of interdependent churches - as we roll up our sleeves and join Orange in this church planting venture.


Come down to Santa Ana on Sunday, May 21st from 5-7 pm at the Hidden House Coffee Shop where we can join the Orange Church in meeting, greeting and talking with people from the neighborhood. Bring your whole family!

Address:  511 E. Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92701

There will be a jump house for the kids, coffee and snacks and Ian McConnell (Director of Church Planting) from Philadelphia will be there as well.

Let's get as many people as possible from our church to go down and be light and love to this neighborhood and share the love of Jesus with them!