A Plan For Obedience

Esther: The Hiddenness of God.

 We all are faced with trials and temptations and often can wonder where God is in the midst of these. We can come to church on Sunday to sing about and confess God’s sovereignty but so “easily and completely lose track of the implications of that theology whenever problems emerge in our daily lives.” (Duiguid)

 In Lynn’s sermon last week we learned from Esther that Esther was called on to die - to lay her life on the line.  The possibility of her death was a real one. She needed to be willing to die in order to save her  entire people from annihilation.  

 Esther's willingness to die was borne out of her obedience to and her trust and faith in God.

 We as Christ followers are similarly called to die - to ourselves, our sinful desires, and selfishness. And, the only way we will be ready to die -- is what we see in Esther: a plan of obedience and an unwavering faith in God.

 We meet each week in small groups for the purpose of applying God’s word to our lives. As disciples, we are eager to grow in not just our knowledge of God's word but in our obedience to it as well. We don’t want to lose track of the implications of theology that will help us in our trials and temptations.

 So, if you haven’t listened to the sermon yet, you can now by clicking HERE.

 Then, answer some of these application questions:

  1.  What is your faith challenge today? What's going on in your life that causes you to wonder where God is and what He is up to?
  2. What is your response to life’s circumstances? Are you giving in to depression and discouragement?

  3. Are you assimilating into the culture around you until you are not even recognizable from the world? How?

  4. How’s your “willingness to die”? Where might the Holy Spirit be asking you to die?

  5. What steps of obedience can you take right now as an act of faith? What's your plan?

 These would be great things to discuss in your community groups as you meet this week.