An Invitation From God

We're in a series on the importance and purpose of God's Word. This week Ron shared out of Isaiah 55 about this unique invitation we have from God to come to his Word and benefit. The amazing thing about this invitation is that is costs us nothing! God gives gifts, not salaries. Not only that but he is extending this invitation to the wicked and unrighteous. That's us! We can come. Not because we deserve it or can afford it, but because he invites us! He's calling us to a veritable feast and ultimately to the Lord himself. He is the object of this invitation. The only requirement is that we are thirsty. Are you thirsty? Is your thirst diminished?

So why should we come? Well...primarily because the one who is inviting us is beyond our thoughts or imaginations. This is the God who invites us into his Word.... His thoughts. That's what his Word is. Ron pointed out that when we read God's Word we are sitting in the "omniscient seat" so to speak. We can look at the characters lives and see the beginning from the end and observe how God deals with us as his people. We can see how God rescued or used them and be full of faith that his sovereignty will be at work is us as well. We can trust Him! God's Word, like rain, comes down to us and it WILL accomplish what he intends in our lives. 

What's the result of all this? Joy! The last two verses of this chapter describe this amazing scene of joy and celebration! It will also result in God being glorified. God's name will be exalted as we read and apply God's Word to our lives and all around us will be able to see God at work in our lives. 

Some questions:

Are you 'dehydrated' spiritually? So you lack a thirst for God's Word? 

What are some of the competing voices in our culture that tend to pull us away from God's Word?

What are some ways you can remedy this problem? How do we move forward? Do we just read more?

Can you think of some times in your life when God's Word has quenched your thirst and you've grown as a result?