We learned something about God Sunday. God is excited about us learning. In particular, he is excited about us learning about HIM. In Proverbs 1 God is giving us an invitation. It is an invitation to be a learner is for the purpose of knowing him. We are called to have a teachable spirit so that we can know God. Its more than an invitation, its His desire. He not only wants to be known, but he has made himself knowable. What an opportunity. God invites us to know him. He has made himself knowable and that is the essence of know Him. 

We are all fools. We’re just at different places in our foolishness. We are like a family of fools. You can find yourself laughing at some of the realities of the fool proverbs point out and yet suddenly realize that we can see ourselves in the fool. The fool is us! And this is who God is calling out to. He’s calling to the “simple”...those who lack a desire to learn or be wise. The gullible...the naive...the ones who want life to be effortless. He’s calling to the “scoffer”...the one’s who are focused on others faults and unaware of their own need. We all fit into the categories of those God is calling to be learners. Wisdom is calling out in the middle of the busyness of our lives. He’s sending out His voice to wake us up and calling us to be learners. The end game of getting wisdom is the knowledge of God.

How do you get wisdom? Scripture says we can get it in a couple of ways. We can get it from observation. We can look at God’s creation. In Is. 1:3 Isaiah tells us “The ox knows it owner and the donkey its masters crib people do not understand.” Even a donkey knows where to find its food/satisfaction. But God’s people, who get constantly fed and cared for by God, don’t get it. We run to all kinds of things to find satisfaction and knowledge, all the time ignoring the fact that God has been faithful to feed and care for us. the donkey knows where to go, but often WE DON”T! In our day and age instead of going to the sources of God’s grace; observing God’s creation, the Word of God, other godly people, etc., we go elsewhere. Now days, more often than not, its Google. We think we can learn by Googling rather than going to the source...God himself and what he has provided in his church. We don’t get it! The donkey gets it....we don’t. We can look to so many places for satisfaction instead of the only place we actually get it...THE LORD, His Word, His people. 

Are you teachable? Do you listen before speaking? Are you inclined to ask questions, or do you just want to be understood? Can you receive advice and correction? Even when it’s not given well? (It rarely is!) Do you have a healthy suspicion of your own heart? Do you  constantly weigh your own opinions against God’s Word, or are you wise in your own eyes? Do you move beyond your comfort zone to learn something new? Do you pursue friendships and ‘walk with the wise’? Do you read the Bible often and much? Do your pursue older, wiser people for input? These are all earmarks of a learner....of one who seeks wisdom...who seeks to know God. We are called to be learners. We can do better than the donkey!

Here’s to growing and learning!