Are You Growing In Truth?

Isn’t it good to know that while the internet, blogging world, Facebook and on and on are full of skewed truth, untruths, partial truths, downright lies, and so much information that instead of finding out the whole truth you simply choose to believe whatever you are reading, there is truth in God’s Word that we know to be truth, and can be confident that truth will work change in us? Truth. Sometimes hard to discern yet always worth the effort to find. Truth changes. It changes us. All truth requires faith. You must decide if its true or not and it will always require faith. So we as believers exercise faith in the truth of God’s Word. 

This last Sunday we started a series in 2 Peter having just finished 1 Peter. The first truth we find here in chapter 1 is that we have “divine power” to change. This isn’t human effort, though faith will always manifest itself in working at applying truth, its divine power. Its something God has loosed in us to be able to live the life that faith leads to. This diving power will work itself out in an ever growing changing life that will bring glory to God. Once you realize this “divine power” is at work in you, then you will “make every effort” to apply the truth to your life. This process begins with faith, and continually matures through virtue, knowledge, self control, steadfastness, godliness, affection for each other ends with a life of love that sums up the whole process. When you recognize His “divine power” at work and apply yourself to working it out in your life you will find you are both effective and fruitful. Peter says if you walk in these things you will “never fall”. Quite a promise huh? Why can he promise this? Because its “divine power” at work and we are simply cooperating. 

Simple truth that changes everything! How important is it to keep yourself focused on the truth. Do yourself a favor...spend more time in God’s truth than you do on Facebook or reading blogs. They can make no claim to final truth, in fact they can lead you away from truth. You’ll have some real truth to work with and God’s truth sets you free and brings with it “divine power” to accomplish what he wants in your life. 

Here’s to the growing process!