Declaring The Excellencies Of Christ

We live in an interesting and challenging culture as Christians. We live in a time where the culture around us adhere’s to a moral ethic that resembles the Christian ethic yet when it comes right down to it their ethic is based in their own human wisdom and desires. Hence we can see a Supreme Court suddenly decide, in contradiction to the course of history up to this time, that marriage doesn’t have to be between a man and a woman. They arbitrarily undercut both God’s design revealed in Scripture and accepted down through time with one sweeping decision. How are we to respond to things like this?

The challenge for the believing Church is in the absolute teaching of Holy Scripture. We do not have a book of divine suggestions handed down to use, we have the unique special revelation of God himself....his self live our lives by. In every area of life God has revealed how he has both designed us to live and wants us to live. This last sunday Ron challenged us to see that in the particular area of marriage we have been given clear instruction and calling to be a light in a dark world. We live, as believers, with the biblical reality that though sin has corrupted God’s original design and intention in marriage, Jesus came to redeem marriage by changing the hearts of both of us as husband’s and wives. In doing this he gives us the grace and power to ‘play Jesus’ in the context or our marriage as he has uniquely designed us to do. The wife can submit to the husband just as Jesus submits to the Father. The husband lays down his life for his wife just as Jesus did for us. The world and culture is going one direction and we remain committed to the a biblical way that will declare God’s excellencies. Our marriages are one of the most powerful declarations of the working gospel. When people see the gospel working in such close relationships as marriage it reflects the power of God in changing the human heart, and declaring to the world that the truth of God’s Word is not only relevant for today, but can bring lasting change, peace and joy. This is what deep down people want anyway. 

We have this opportunity as the Church to make the gospel both clear and relevant to a world living in confusion and complete slavery to selfishness. As we make these biblical, gospel connections in our own lives and marriages we can effectively “declare His excellencies” and know that it has the power to be a witness to everyone we meet.