Don’t Try To Save Yourself!

Time passes so quickly. So much happens to us and so many events take place that shape our lives, yet it seems, in the blink of an eye they’re over and done before you know it and years have passed. Things that seemed devastating at the time can tend to lose some of their rough edges after years have gone by. Some of these events were traumatic and brought us to tears. Some involved relationship breakdowns that left us feeling alone and depressed, or worse angry and vindictive. Well...welcome to the life of David. 

In Ps. 55 David takes us on a wild, roller coaster ride of emotions, pouring out his heart to God with his pleas, complaints, frustrations, accusations, and calls for justice. At one point he just wants to be able to fly away like a bird and get away from it all. Sound or feel familiar? Ever felt like you just wanted to get in your car and drive and not stop? Just escape it all as if trying to leave it all behind will somehow solve everything. Well, we all know it doesn’t solve anything, but it does make us feel better at least temporarily. David doesn’t leave us with that however, he finally comes to a more lasting solution; “Cast your burdens on the Lord”. But just how do you do that? 

When you study this Psalm, it doesn’t take long to realize that this is a prophetic, messianic Psalm. There is someone else who went through all the same things that David describes here, yet in far more drastic measure. This Psalm describes what Jesus would go through and went through as he moved inexorably toward the cross. This perfect man, who did nothing to deserve this treatment, experienced constant persecution, was mis-quoted, slandered, threatened, betrayed by his closest friends, and ultimately rejected by his own people. He was put through a mockery of a trial and sentenced to die a cruel execution, all out of the envy of the religious leaders around him. But the worst was yet to come. His own Father was going to place all our burdens and sin on him and then condemn him to die turning his back on his Son, and all for our sakes. God himself became our burden bearer before we even asked. This is the why and the how of our ability to ‘cast our burdens’ on the Lord. He’s already taken them. He’s simply waiting for us to acknowledge that and let Him have them. It doesn’t mean you don’t go through the process David went through in Ps. 55. In fact the process is part of the burden casting. But when we do, we must always be sure to end where David ended; Trusting the Lord. In vs. 23 David ends where he always ends; “But I will trust You!” He went through all the process of duking it out with the Lord, with all his complaining and “making noise”, but in the end he came out where he always does. Trusting the Lord. Casting his burdens, cares and anxieties on the Lord. Trusting Him to work everything out according to His perfect will and giving him grace in the process.

This is what you and I need to do. Humble ourselves. Quit trying to be our own saviors, and let God do what he does best. In our own pride we can certainly try to be our own burden bearers, but its best to live life the way God designed it; humbling ourselves, repenting for trying to save ourselves and let Him take the burdens he’s already taken from us on the cross. And, yes.... years from now it will all look quite different and you will be able to see the wisdom of trusting him and letting him do what he does your savior. Your burden bearer. 

Trusting Him!