Focus Friday: Meet Cheryl Curran: The Pantry Ministry

Cheryl Curran, Panty Ministry Leader

Cheryl Curran, Panty Ministry Leader

1. What team/ministry do you lead? What are your responsibilities? What all is involved?

I am the manager of the Pantry Ministry. I, along with my team, assess the needs of the patrons of the Pantry, I alert our congregation to these needs, keep account of our incoming and outgoing stock, pray and minister to the patrons as needed, and help plan outreaches to our community with my team along with the Singles Group.

2. Do you have a team?  Who are they? What do they do?

Yes, I have a team that rotates various Sundays serving in the Pantry. The team presently includes: me (Pantry Manager), Alex Partnoff (Pantry Asst. Manager), Jazmine Rivera, Jose Cervantez, Joseph Gonzales, Mathew and Charity Abate, Matt Redmond, Faithanne and Keilana Truong, Stephanie Glenn, and Laura Jones.

The team rotates various Sundays serving in the Pantry, restocking the shelves, tallying the incoming and outgoing stock, praying and ministering to the patrons as needed, and helping to plan outreaches to our community along with the Singles Group. Various team members are also in charge of getting certain stock from various stores.

3. How long have you been serving in this capacity? What do you enjoy about serving in this area?

I have been serving in the Pantry since it opened. I enjoy the unique opportunity to minister to the needs of the poor and homeless. The sweet friendships and gratefulness of the patrons is immeasurable. I am blessed by them. Many tell their friends about the Pantry and those friends end up coming regularly to our church.

4. Can you share a story on how God has worked through this ministry?

I remember one day in our small temporary Pantry when 21 people were crowded in there. Matt and Reuben were sitting on the couch discussing Theology, I started praying for Cindy and George came over and prayed for her also, and 187 units of product went out to grateful patrons. The presence of the Lord's community was so strong I was elated, and so were the others!  Some have come and used the Pantry and later joined our team and church.

5.Is there a place to serve on your team? what positions are needed?

There is always room for more volunteers to help. The term of service would be one Sunday per month for a half hour after the service ends.