Focus Friday

Matt and laura redmond

Matt and laura redmond

Matt serves on our AV Ministry Team. They set up the video camera, prepare and display the announcements and sermon notes, play videos, and display song lyrics during worship.

Joanne Fryml, William Schultz, Matt Spencer, Jason Jones, and Matt comprise the team.

Matt has been serving for 1 year and enjoys helping our congregation worship through the song lyrics. His personal favorite part of the job is playing the children's ministry video and song as they are being dismissed to their classes.

If you're interested in joining the AV Team, come and talk to Matt -  since he's always looking for people who can fill in when those on the team decide to serve in other ministries. It seems like we will have a need for at least one new person per year. If you're really excited about it, you might be able to take someone's place who needs a break or who might want to serve in a different ministry.

His wife, Laura, helps out opening the church Sunday mornings. Usually it's just about having a keen eye on what should be done, but it's simple stuff: like replacing light bulbs, vacuuming, keeping tissues stocked, dong all sorts of little things so that the pastors don't have to. Her team also help out the ushers if there is a shortage.

RJ was a solo team until he asked her to help out about a year ago. They switch off opening the church every other month and cover one another when one is out of town or sick.

She has been working with RJ about a year and her favorite part of the job is getting to church early and visiting with all the helpers as they do their own jobs. 

Her favorite part of the job:  "Because I am here so early and usually finished with my tasks before people start arriving, I have gotten to talk to new comers. I like listening and hope that it has blessed a few of them and made them feel welcome."

If you'd like to serve on the Sunday Morning Opening / Closing Team, please see RJ Joshua our Sunday Morning Administrator