For Such a Time as This...

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Who knows...


In our series on Esther, (listen to the message HERE) we learned that God sovereignly ordained everything in her past to prepare her for this moment in history - to save the Jews, God's own people. But God needed to awaken her first to realize that this was her "defining moment."

"God needs to do a work in us in order for him to work through us."
The three components to a work that God must do within us:
  1. We must learn to trust God with where we are.
  2. We must learn to discern the difference between temporal and eternal dangers
  3. The result of trusting God with our lives and prioritizing the eternal is that we become willing to lay down our lives for the mission.

Questions for application:

  • Do you struggle with where God has placed you? (In California, in Pasadena? In your job, or school, or in your relationships?)
  • How are you cultivating a kingdom mentality? Are you discerning between temporal and eternal dangers and priorities?
  • Where is God challenging you to trust His sovereignty? to prioritize the eternal? to lay down your life? How are you taking up the cross and following Christ?
  • How have the trials and circumstances of your past prepared you to be a light and a witness in the place that God has called you -at this particular time, in this specific place--for His glory?

2 Cor. 4:7-18

The surpassing power of God working in us, the life of Jesus manifested in us, bringing the grace of God to more and more people to increase thanksgiving and bring glory to God.