Friday Focus: Grace Kids - Children's Ministry

Nicole Baird

Nicole Baird

This week, we are featuring Nicole Baird, our Children's Ministry Director. 

1. What team/ministry do you lead? What are your responsibilities? What all is involved? 

I think my official title is Children's Ministry Director. Basically if it has something to do with kids at our church I'm involved! My main responsibilities are making sure our kids are safe, taught biblical truths in a way that is at their level. So curriculum, staffing classes, volunteer training, coordinating supplies...

2. Do you have a team?  Who are they? What do they do? 

I have a HUGE amazing team! On any given Sunday it takes about 12 volunteers to successfully run all the classes. They each serve once/month which puts me at just under 50 people. 

3. How long have you been serving in this capacity? What do you enjoy about serving in this area? 

This is my first year as director but have been involved with the teaching for several years.

4. Is there a place to serve on your team? what positions are needed? 

We are about to begin another "school" year for Children's Ministry, which means we are rearranging kids, teachers and helpers. This is a GREAT time to join us and yes! We need help! From snack distribution to teaching there IS a place for you! Find me on Sunday and we can talk!

5. Anything else you’d like to share….

Being a part of watching the Gospel become real truth in these kids loves is SUCH an amazing process to watch. I wouldn't trade these Sunday's of teaching with these dedicated servant volunteers for anything!!