Friday Focus: Michael McMahon

Michael Mc Mahon.

Michael Mc Mahon.

It’s been said that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so when it comes to our Sunday gatherings, our greeters play an important role. 

Each week someone comes to SGC for the first time. Each week people come who are weighed down by life’s circumstances and each week some people come with a discouraged heart. Those first few moments can make all the difference. A warm and welcoming smile along with “i’m glad your here” can already start the process of God’s Spirit refreshing them. But, without someone there to make people feel welcome, it's easy for a person’s heart to be less inclined to receive anything from God during our meeting.

Standing at the front door to greet people and making them feel welcome is as much a part of our ministry together as leading worship or preaching a sermon. In fact, I hear more comments from people about feeling welcome (or unwelcome) than I do about the music or the preaching. Greeters play a very important role in our Sunday gatherings. They are expressions of the gift of hospitality, an extremely powerful but often overlooked gift in the Body of Christ.

Are you glad to be here on Sunday mornings? Can you smile? Do you have a firm handshake? Michael McMahon, who leads our usher and greeter teams just might have a place for you to use your gifts and make a difference in people’s lives! If you would like to serve as a greeter, see Michael. You can’t miss him. You can find him at the front door smiling.