Hurricane Harvey and Our Brothers and Sisters in Houston


We call ourselves a "family of churches" because that's who we are, a family. Being a "family of churches" has many expressions including the one that is happening right now in Houston.

Sovereign Grace Church-Pearland, TX is located among neighborhoods, south of Houston, that experienced quite a bit of damage because of Hurricane Harvey. Two families in the church lost their homes. And the members of SGC-Pearland have been reaching out to, and helping their neighbors clean up looking for gospel opportunities.

In addition, the South-Central Region, led by Billy Raies, has asked Aaron Mayfield, an elder at Redemption Hill Church in Austin, TX, to be the point person to coordinate teams of volunteers who can travel to Houston and help with the clean up and rebuilding efforts. Aaron is in Houston now, and I spoke to him yesterday on the phone. 

If you are interested in helping by joining a team that's going down or giving money - please contact the church office at and we can give you more information.