Jason Yeo visits South Korea!

I visited the Sovereign Grace Church of Korea recently (March 29). http://www.sgmlordsgrace.org/home/ The church meets in the suburb of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, in order to avoid high rental costs of meeting within the city. It took more than an hour to reach the church, via subway, a bus, and finally a taxi. Yet, it was this church I wanted to visit because it was in a Sovereign Grace Church that I have been personally impacted by the Gospel of Jesus and it's power to change me in spite of the simplicity of of its message. 
Traditionally, churches in Korea have focused on programs and activities in order to promote attendance and participation rather than qualitative change in the hearts of saints that produces a changed life. Knowing this issue, I was cautious but joyfully welcomed and watched the start up of SG church in Korea. I was cautious to see if the Gospel indeed could be presented in a non-compromising way so that it could change lives. I was joyful because I knew it is the power of God to do just that. After many trials over a period of four years, pastor Sung Hwan Gang said he has been observing changes in the hearts and lives of the people, particularly in marriages. The changes are characterized by the confession of sin as opposed to pointing at their spouses. I felt that he was full of joy and satisfaction in his heart due to the work of God in the lives of people. He has been experiencing the work of Holy spirit in the lives of people.

Please pray for this young church that is breaking new ground for the gospel. Please pray for a clear and bold presentation of the gospel that is the power of God to save.