Making A Covenant With Your Eyes

After sharing on Sunday about the challenge of using wisdom in a hyper-sexualized world, my wife suggested I provide people with some ways of protecting yourself or your children from issues arising from the use of the internet. I’ve done a little research and asked some people for advice and here are some programs I’ve come up with:
1. Net Nanny comes highly recommended. Its parental software. It creates reports with email notifications that let you know what sites your child visits and when it's time to step in with a family discussion. Cost: $19.99
2. Spy Agent. It’s at the top of the list. It Logs keystrokes and captures screenshots. Tracks file transfers, sites visited and email communication. Keeps itself hidden while it works if you so choose. Collects audio from inbound and outbound video calls. Cost: $69.99
3. PureSight. It provides parent portal to monitor kids online lives, safe social networking/cyberbullying prevention, filtering of inappropriate websites and content, and helps you monitor time spent online. Cost: $39.99 yearly
4. Covenant Eyes. This is a good one for adults to use together. You can see where each person went online, receive accountability reports, and you can add filtering. Cost: $14.99

These are just a few that you could look at. If you have something that has worked for you I would love to know. 

Job said it this way; “i have made a covenant with my eyes, how could I gaze lustfully at a virgin..” Job 31:1 (Amplified). This is something every one of us needs to do. Make a covenant that we will not look on things that would not glorify God or bring harm to ourselves or others. in talking with my friend Foster Brereton about his experience with this challenge and what software he found helpful (he recommended Covenant Eyes) he said. “Although there are a slew of filters and other applications designed to block incoming content, I do not know what specific options are out there. While those can be helpful, they're a "line in the sand" that, honestly, a tempted heart will always cross (accidentally or otherwise). While they are well-intentioned, filters and other content blockers give the false impression to a user that they no longer have to be vigilant in guarding their heart. The person lets their protections drop, and that's the time when they are most vulnerable.” Wise indeed. Nothing can take the place of diligently guarding your own heart and desiring to please God and live in the fear of the Lord. 

Let’s be a people who are different. Who take holiness seriously and demonstrate to the world that following Christ is the only real solution that can conquer the human heart. The gospel can indeed change the human heart and create a community of people who seek to live out that changed heart on a daily basis.