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Meet Lynn and Terri Baird

Lynn is the other pastor on staff at SGCP - for the past 24 years they have been involved in many aspects of ministry in the church and eagerly and willing serve in whatever capacity is needed- from worship to hospitality to counseling.

Lynn and Terri love camping at the beach with family, biking together and regularly take advantage of the beautiful hiking trails right here in Pasadena. Lynn enjoys surfing, playing golf and riding his Harley; Terri enjoys sketching and painting.  While they love reading books that provoke spiritual growth, they also find enjoyment in reading historical fiction and suspense (Lynn) and art, science fiction and counseling (Terri).

At Christmas time their favorite movies include Muppet Christmas Carol and Nativity. Lynn likes history and war epics and will, on occasion, kindly watch Pride and Prejudice with Terri.