Member Mondays

Meet The Boomsmas: Ron. Tami. Taylor. Ashley.

Welcome to our first Member Monday. Each week, we will be introducing members of our church and featuring them on the blog. We decided to start with our pastors’ families as we gather in all the member profiles.

 Ron and Tami have 5 kids but only Taylor (19) and Ashley (17) remain at home. They have 3 married children and 4 grandchildren.

Ron serves as the Senior Pastor and the main teacher, and among other duties, is responsible for leadership training and development. Tami currently serves in Women’s Ministry, counseling, and communications. Taylor is in her 2nd year of college and Ashley is a senior in high school. Taylor plays the violin and studies ballet while Ashley plays cello and guitar.

Ron loves coffee, reading, golfing and doing home remodeling projects.  His hidden talent is baking artisan breads. Tami drinks tea, likes to quilt and think up home remodeling projects for Ron to do. :)  They both enjoy perusing bookstores, going out for coffee, camping, hiking, and biking together. Best of all, they love it when their entire family can get together for holidays and vacations.