Member Mondays

Meet: The Joshuas. RJ (Roosevelt), Stacey, Trinity, Nathan and Jacob.

RJ and Stacey live in Pamona. RJ is employed at Choice Lending Group and Stacey is an English teacher at Citrus and Mt. Sac colleges. 

They've been members of SGC for 6 years. RJ is our Sunday Morning Administrator and Stacey is a part of the Women's Ministry Team, uses her teaching gift to lead women's Bible studies and is a joyful member of the worship team.

RJ loves music and movies and playing with the kids. Stacey can often be found with her face in a book.

Favorite Movies:  (RJ) "The Rundown", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Bourne, Bond, classic Westerns, and classic Kung Fu.  (Stacey) "Rear Window", "North by Northwest", and all of "The Thin Man" series.

Currently reading:  RJ) Lundin, Paul, and Christiansen's "Fish! The Book", Genesis, and 1 Thessalonians.  (Stacey) Piper's "Future Grace" and Fitzpatrick's "Because He Loves Me"