Below is a report by Paloma and Faithanne about the Mexico ministry trip. Enjoy the fruit of your giving and investing into the lives of our singles and youth, and they represented us in serving the Mexican people. 

I just felt like sending you both a report on what the Lord did this past weekend in Mexico. We were beyond blessed to witness God's provision for our needs and witnessed Him multiply our resources. We first stopped by Buena Vida orphanage and blessed them with the majority of the money from the fundraisers, along with food donation and the new shoes. Gabriel and Meche, the home parents, are in the middle of building a new orphanage just up the hill from the current one. This is because they were not able to renew lease, therefore in October on this year they have to be out of the property. Gabriel bought two lots which are much smaller from what they have now. There are a total of 22 kids and 4 workers. The amount needed to finish the project is approximately 45k. They do not have that money as of now but he's trusting that the Lord will provide somehow. He has started the construction process, but we learned that this past December someone stole a lot of material from the property, approximately $800 worth. He has not been able to continue with construction because he has not had the means to replace what was stolen. Faithanne asked him how much he would need now to continue rebuilding and his need was the exact amount we were planning on giving him! God is good and His timing is always perfect. We were able to bless him with a few hundred more. Our group enjoyed playing with the kids for a few hours and they were excited to have us there. The love and warmth from each kid is unforgettable. 

The next morning we continued to prepare our hearts with our early devotion. God spoke to us and a few of us shared what the Lord had done the day before at Buena Vida. We visited La Bufadora for a few hours and it was an awesome trip. The kids from Mount of Olives orphanage came over to the beach house that day and, like we do every year, we had a blast with them. Sandra and her husband have been faithful to God and blown away by His provisions. We blessed them with food. We ate, played, and rode horses with them. She shared heartbreaking stories with me as well as ones that were very encouraging to hear. I was amazed to see how rejuvenated, energetic, and lively Sandra is. In spite for 20 kids and some teenagers she did not seem tired or worn out. That alone is very very encouraging. 

The next day we visited a woman named Sarah and her family. She has two sons, Jesus and Angel. They were overwhelmed with our presence. This time we saw Jesus, who is paraplegic, in a wheelchair! The past few years he has been in bed but someone donated a wheelchair so that he can get some fresh air and see the goats. We had money set aside for her as well from the fundraisers. She shared her struggles and told us that she was involved in a hit and run accident which caused her to lose her job (feeding/caring for the goats) and go through a knee surgery. The Lord worked in our hearts and after we prayed a special offering was collected for her. We blessed her with more that double the amount that we were going to give her initially. She prayed for us and that had a huge effect on our group. She does not have a Bible so we made sure before we finished the trip that Jeff would deliver one to her. We also visited a single mom for the first time. They live up on a hill which some of us struggled to hike up. We blessed her with money to enroll her kids in school. She had tears in her eyes because she was not expecting our visit. Her son, 12 years old, was already working in the fields and was searching for ways to get him into school. She did not have means for fees, uniform, and school supplies. We prayed with her and encouraged her to attend church with her kids. We also blessed her with a few bags of food.  

We ended the day at the migrant worker's camp. We had food, clothing, shoes, games and candy for the kids. The kids were very happy to have us there but I think we were more happy ourselves to have them be part of our lives. This is the third or fourth year with these kids so it felt like visiting family. Before we left we all held hands and made a big circle,  we sang and prayed with them. The next day's devotion was just incredible. We were all impacted in many different ways and would could not help but share of His mercies with each other. 

We last visited Martha in the woman's rehabilitation home. All of the girls from our team heard of the wonders the Lord had made in some of the woman's lives. We prayed for her and the house. We also laid hands on each bed that was empty. We gave Martha food and we also had money set aside for her but again we did a spontaneous collection of offering and God blessed her with more than what we had in our heart to give. We also collected an offering for Javier and Martha personally, just a small token for their hard work together as husband and wife. Javier still runs a men's rehab home as well. We blessed them with more than was intended. We left the beach house very encouraged and excited of what God had shown us this past weekend. We got to know each other better. God multiplied our food, multiplied the offerings but most importantly He multiplied our faith. He is good and He's up to something bigger than ourselves. We are just blessed to be that vessel He choses to use. 

-Paloma and Faithanne