Deep down we all know its true. It’s much easier to get things done when you’re not trying to do it all yourself. The writer of Ecclesiastes said “...though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him - a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” It’s always better to work with others. In fact in most cases I think its sheer pride that causes us to think that we could do things better if we just did it alone. When you work together you can accomplish things that would be basically impossible to you otherwise. When it comes to our mission together as a church, and as a family of churches our partnership becomes far more than a mutually beneficial pact, but a life giving stream that flows to our communities, neighborhoods and nations accomplishing exponentially more together than we ever could alone. 

We are on a mission together as God’s people. Its not our own mission, it’s the mission delegated to us by the one who bought and paid for it all through his own blood. That mission is to build healthy local churches and plant new churches to reach all different kinds of peoples with the gospel of Jesus. To bring gospel truth to the neighborhoods we live in. To demonstrate the reality of gospel truth through the way we live our lives in community together. Part of our gospel mission is to be good church and community group members. To care for each other, pray for each other, help each other, and stir, motivate and encourage each other along the way. To use your time, energy and gifts to build the local church up and to make the gospel real on the blocks we live on. This mission is able to extend well beyond the borders of Pasadena thru the planting of churches and investment into global missions. We have had the privilege of planting three churches out of this church over the last twenty years in partnership with Sovereign Grace churches. These churches are now reaching cities and communities we would otherwise never be able to reach. We have built a relationship of care and help with the Clancy’s in Galway, Ireland to partner with them in the church there. We have Steve and Mona Walker who went to serve the refugee’s in Germany, and the Weardon’s who have been serving as missionaries in Turkey, all reaching people with the gospel of Jesus. We have a long history of working with churches in the Philippines and hosting Filipino pastors who have come over to visit, supporting the Street Kids ministry, and sending people over to serve on short term ministry teams. There are churches in the Philippines now who are becoming an official part of Sovereign Grace Churches as a result of all this ministry and all this can be directly linked to our partnership together in this church and with Sovereign Grace Churches. I dare say none of it could have happened in the same way or degree if we had not worked together in this partnership. 

Your faithfulness, prayer, serving, giving, encouragement, and local involvement are an amazing evidence of God’s grace at work in your lives and we as pastors want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you are and do. Without your partnership in these ways none of this would be happening. 

We love you and are grateful to partner with you!