On George Washington And Our Election

Are you registered to vote? This could be one of the most pivotal elections in many years. Of course in some ways they all are, but this one in particular seems to be presenting the most polarizing, varied candidates in history. The rhetoric has been strong enough and the options so frustrating that I have talked to many that even wonder if its worth getting out to vote. Well...whatever else we do we must exercise our unique right as citizens to influence our nation in a God glorifying way. 

In the last few months I’ve been reading a biography of George Washington. This has made it a very interesting few months as I compare the integrity and character of our first president with all that I see going on today. I’ve become freshly aware of the way integrity and character can positively influence the course of events and even of nations. In many ways, by sheer force of character, George Washington was able to guide this nation down healthy, moral paths and see otherwise disparate and divided groups of people brought together to find a path that led to all the freedoms and rights we’ve been able to enjoy for centuries now. We should not take this for granted. It required him to make significant sacrifices personally, in his family to have such a legacy as this. 

We want people in leadership who are intelligent and gifted to lead, and have a good grasp of the issues we face today in our nation, but these are not enough. If a person does not have the integrity and character commensurate with such a position we will find we might get what we want but not want what we get. 

Now on a side note....just this morning in the paper an article on the second front page with a large picture of an old blind Coyote talking about how amazing it was that it was found and ‘saved’. Then it gave birth to pups, with the implication of how wonderful it was that they were ‘rescued’ also. Then there was the article in the same paper about some Leopard sharks that died as a result of an el nino storm and how tragic that was. All this in a nation that in the last 24 hours probably aborted (killed) around 2-3000 babies. Then on the same morning I read an article from a nationally known Christian leader about his apparent willingness to accept gays and LGBT people into churches, even implying that Scripture is unclear about the issue. In this nation and in the Church we are going down roads that are increasingly unbiblical and disastrous. We need leadership. But we need leadership that is full of integrity and character and willing to stand up for righteousness and for those who cannot stand up for themselves. If we are going to get this kind of leadership its because we, as people...Christians...are willing to stand up for biblical principles whatever the cost.