Proclaiming Forgiveness To Pasadena

Its an amazing thought....that God has given us authority to proclaim forgiveness to others. It’s also important to realize that we have a specific purpose for being here in Pasadena, and that purpose is to proclaim God’s forgiveness to this city. This is such a refreshing way to view evangelism...proclaiming God’s forgiveness. 

Of course the authority we have to do this is rooted in the gospel. “....for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) This is our authority; there is no other way, and the Lord has commissioned us to tell people. You may not feel you are very good at evangelism or sharing your faith, but its a pretty simple matter to just tell people “you need God’s forgiveness, and you can only receive it thru Jesus.” Proclaiming forgiveness. It’s true that not everyone will receive this fact. We know this through the Word of God and through experience. People die every day without acknowledging God or Christ. This means they die without forgiveness. On the other hand we also know that some will receive the truth. We know that because God’s Word tells us that there is a harvest out there and we should go bring it in. It’s guaranteed. We also know it by experience. Sometimes we share the gospel and people receive it. This makes evangelism exciting...we know some are called and being acted upon by God to receive the truth. Part of the challenge is we just don’t know who those people are. So, our message is out there for everybody, and we know that some will respond. You don’t need to be great at sharing the gospel, just faithful. You may stumble over your words or be embarrassed at your inability, but at the same time take comfort in the fact that it is the Holy Spirit who causes people to believe, not your presentation. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to get better at it. In fact we should. That’s why we are doing the Proclaim class in our next Sunday school session; to grow in our ability to share the gospel more effectively, and for that reason I encourage you to attend this next session. But whether you feel you are good at sharing your faith or not, we can all declare God’s forgiveness to people. We can proclaim God’s truth that all have sinned against God and are in need of his forgiveness, and that through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus you can be forgiven and reconciled to God. It’s a simple message that can be communicated in less than 60 seconds but can have eternal ramifications. 

We’re here in Pasadena to proclaim God’s forgiveness. Some are better at it than others, but all are able to share the good news to those you are in contact with in this city. And as we do, God guarantees a harvest!

Proclaiming God’s forgiveness!