Psalms of Ascent: 121- PROTECTION

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There are two words that describe every Christian:

  1. Disciple: not just learning academically - but apprenticing alongside a craftsman to acquire skills of faith.
  2. Pilgrim: leaving one place on a journey to another place. Saying "no" to one thing in order to say "yes" to another.

We are on a journey - we are in between two places and the journey is filled with danger. Psalm 121 tells us where we can go for protection as we are on this journey.

Where do we go for help?

  1. looking to the hills can symbolize looking to anything else besides God for help. The Israelites built idols on the "high places." 
  2. the Psalmist entreats us to look to the LORD - who made heaven and earth.

What Does God Protect Us From?

"To have God as your protector is not a guarantee of no trouble- but a promise that no trouble can ever separate you from his love. His grace can never be diluted, his love never diverted.God’s protection is protecting our faith and secures our future. "

  1. From losing our footing - the small stumbles along the way.
  2. Sunstroke - prolonged exposure to trials
  3. Moon - God never sleeps - he always cares. Day and Night

We are on a journey. We need to know who we are and where we are going. We are disciples and pilgrims sojourning to a heavenly city. We need protection - not from our idols and pseudo gods but from the LORD - maker of heaven and earth. 


  1. Do you see yourself as a disciple? as a pilgrim? How are you growing in your skills of faith?
  2. Who is discipling you? Who are you discipling? If you answer "no one" to either question, what step can you take to remedy that?
  3. Which of the 3 categories are you currently needing protection in? (losing your footing / prolonged trials / feeling like God doesn't care)
  4. Where are you tempted to "look to the hills" - to other gods / methods of salvation?
  5. Use your discussion in community group to pray for one another in this area.