Psalms of Ascent- A Roadtrip with Jesus.

Psalm 120

Luke Friedly started us out on our journey through the Psalms of Ascent. If you missed the sermon - or would just like to listen again- click HERE. Luke did an excellent job walking us through the introduction to these songs and delving into the first one.

There are three things necessary for a successful summer road trip: traveling with good people, going to a great place with a first class playlist. The Jews took an annual trip to Jerusalem's temple with their friends and family and sang Psalms 120-134 along the way, lifting their eyes and hearts to God. These songs will serve to reorient our hearts and provide strength for our journey.

Summary of Psalm 120 - "In my distress I called to the Lord and he answered me." The psalmist finds himself in distress because of lying enemies and is calling out to the Lord for deliverance.

Two types of lies that we face (and the enemy behind them is the same--Satan who tries to destroy our faith)

  1. lies and malicious gossip from enemies
  2. lies we believe that are destructive to our faith

We call out to God in our distress - and he answers us and delivers us. But, sometimes, we don't get the deliverance we expect. During those times we need to realize that God answers our distress with a promise - that His grace is sufficient.

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: [listen to the message again]

  1. Reflect on how God has rescued you in the past. Share with someone an example of God's faithfulness to you in your distress and how he has rescued you. If you haven't experienced rescue yet, what promises in God's word are strengthening you in your wait? If you don't know any promises, share with your community group - they can help strengthen you by sharing scriptures and promises with you.
  2. Are you currently in distress? Take some time now to cry out to the Lord for deliverance. Share with your community group so they can pray with and for you.
  3. Are you currently experiencing lies - from within / from without; either about you or inside you (lies that you are believing that are holding you captive). Identify any lies that might be affecting your faith and growth in the Lord and bring them into the light of God's word.