Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 122- Worship

Last Sunday, Bill Fisher spoke on Psalm 122. If you missed it - or just want to listen again, click HERE.

The purpose of these psalms is to draw us spiritually closer to God and Psalm 122 is specifically about our worship. The writer of Psalm 122 is considering the worship of God’s people as they gather together to glorify Him.

MAIN POINT: God is calling us to joyfully worship Him in communion with Christ’s church and find that through our worship He gives us peace and security.

1. Where we should worship

  • OT- Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, the dwelling place of God
    • The Presence of God left the temple on the day of the crucifixion, but His Presence entered the followers of Christ on the day of Pentecost!
  • NT-God’s Presence entered into the members of Christ’s church and changed our worship forever!

2. How we should worship

  • Corporately, in community and diversity
  • Joyfully

3. The result of our worship is peace and security

  • Peace (shalom) Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. helps us grasp the hugeness of this peace:  “In the Bible, shalom means universal flourishing, wholeness, and delight—a rich state of affairs in which natural needs are satisfied and natural gifts fruitfully employed, a state of affairs that inspires joyful wonder as its Creator and Savior opens doors and welcomes the creatures in whom he delights.  Shalom, in other words, is the way things ought to be.”
  • Security (shalvah) -“is a prosperous tranquility.”  


How do we go about growing in our worship?  

  • First, answer the call to worship.
    • This psalmist is a portrait of the disciple of Christ who is obedient to worship God as he prescribes.  
      • Hebrews 10:25 says—“not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”
    • Remember, we grow in our ability to worship as we worship.
  • Second, put Jesus Christ before you each day.
    • Read your Bible regularly in order to get the picture the Christ we worship in front of you.
  • Third, learn the words to the songs that we sing.
    • This may seem trivial.  I know that they’re up on the screens.
    • Knowing the songs will allow you to close your eyes and lift your hands and be in God’s presence!
    • Speak them if you can’t bear to sing (but I encourage you to sing anyway!)
  • Fourth, pray for your church.
    • This seems like the nearest New Testament equivalent to praying for the peace of Jerusalem.
    • Pray for the “shalom” of this church or your own home church.
    • Your heart for God’s people will grow as you pray for them individually and as a body.
  • Lastly, trust God.
    • The world, Satan, our own hearts make up all sorts of reasons for us to stay at home on Sunday morning.
    • The Old Testament Jews were called to leave there homes and towns to go to Jerusalem to worship God three times a year. 
      • How would they earn a living?
      • Who would protect their land from enemy attack?
    • God’s promised them in Exodus 34:24, “no one shall covet your land, when you go up to appear before the Lord your God three times in the year.”
    • God promised to protect them as they worshipped Him.
    • There are a few things that should legitimately keep you from worshipping with the church, but they’re few.  And, praise God, for most of us they don’t come up very often.
    • Worship God with the church and trust him to allow you to deal with life’s problems later.