Ready To Proclaim?

Have you ever found yourself struggling with the idea of telling someone about Christ or mentioning Jesus in a conversation, or simply inviting someone to a church event? Well, if so, you are right up there with the vast majority of christians who lack the boldness, confidence, motivation or tools to share the gospel in a way that might plausible and effective. There are not many of us who do not struggle with fear over the idea of talking to someone about God or the gospel. Every one of us needs to be encouraged and equipped to be able to proclaim the forgiveness of God in a clear, winsome way. 

THIS is what the Proclaim Class in Sunday School is all about...learning to do something that every one of us wants to do, but fears doing. Sharing the good news! The news that people desperately need to avoid an eternity without hope. COME AND JOIN US on Sunday Oct. 30th at 8:55 am (be on time or you'll miss the first part of a video) for this class. This class will be every Sunday morning at 8:55 am from 10/30 - 12/11. 

I look forward to seeing you all there. You can pick up the Proclaim book that we will be using in the class at the bookstore for $10, and come ready to learn!

Proclaiming God's grace!