I was in a conversation with a young single woman this week that caught me off-guard. She had mentioned that she didn’t think she wanted to get married. When I asked her why not, I wasn’t prepared for her answer.

It was her observation of the married couples she knew and interacted with, that the wives seemed disrespectful and unkind to their husbands. Correcting them. Being impatient with them. Belittling them. Directing them.  She had observed wives who were unhappy and dissatisfied with their husbands and witnessed the negative and discouraging effects it had on the husband, the family and those around them. 

We talked it through - but the conversation left its mark on me. I left wondering, “what impression do I give when talking to or about Ron. Does he know that I respect him?  Do others know that I respect him? What do my words and attitudes reveal of what’s in my heart - for good or bad? What ways do I show respect or lack of respect for him?”

So, for the past several days,  I've been meditating on these two questions:  

  • "What does it mean to respect my husband"?

  • "What does it look like for me to respect my husband"?

There are several resources that are available and helpful for us as wives to utilize in order to grow in this area of respect. I found a couple that I want to use... I invite you to join me in evaluating the respect we have toward our husbands - and pray about how we can be intentional and grow in this biblical command.

"...and the wife must see to it that she respect her husband."  (Eph. 5:33)

Here are a couple of resources to help us get started as we prayerfully consider how we might put this into practice:


-Tami Boomsma