Sin Is A Disgrace To Any Nation

I came home from Church today and sat down to read the news paper. I was disgusted by what I read concerning the white supremacist rally that took place in Charlottesville, Va. What is shocking is to realize that we fought a war to overthrow a government in Germany that believed in white supremacy and viewed other races as inferior and even worthy of eradicating altogether. The Germany of today will not even allow a Nazi salute in public without taking action against it. Racism has no place in American life and culture. We must stand united against any form of racism. It has no place in a world where God created all people  in his image.

We must understand however, that the image of God in us has been tainted by sin, and there is only one solution for sin...the gospel of Jesus Christ. We should not be surprised that sin can effect a human soul so thoroghly that one would believe their race superior to others, but we can boldly proclaim that Jesus died on the cross so that the sin that can lead to such egregious demonstrations that happened yesterday could be overcome, and the racial hatred that was demonstrated could be replaced by a love for each other and a racial unity that demonstrates something quite different; hearts changed by the gospel and local churches that live out that reality. We are all inwardly capable of such sinful thoughts and beliefs. Only the gospel can forgive our sin and compel us to honor the image of God all fellow humans share together.