Thanksgiving At The Start!

It’s a new church year. The old has gone...the new has come. One of the things we should all do as we look ahead to this next year is remember and be grateful. Remembering what God has done for us is a basic theme all thru the Bible. Looking back, we at SGCP have much to be thankful for. 

We heard testimonies Sunday about healings, provisions, conversions, grace to sustain, and grace to give and more. God has been so good! We’ve had three weddings just in the last four months. Seen people converted in the middle of community groups, a number of people baptized and many new people added to the church. We’ve finished our first pastors training class, taken a ministry team to Mexico, did a VBS with 75+ children attending. Had a number of people go to the CCEF counseling conference and had key people starting the CCEF counseling program, plus a number of men went to Phoenix for a men’s conference. We instituted a brand new curriculum for the Children’s Ministry that has been outstanding and added a bunch of brand new babies into the mix! We even had a version of the Wizard OF Oz written and directed by our youth presented to a rousing crowd of friends and guests alike. 

And with all this we must mention all the fellowship and discipleship taking place in Community Groups, G4L and the singles ministry. The spiritual growth that has taken place as we went thru the series in Matthew and Psalms on Sunday mornings, and the wonderful times of worship we continually experience as we gather in His presence. Yes...that’s the one thing we can be most grateful for. All these things represent the fact that God’s presence has been wonderfully manifest among us thru these times of worship, prophetic ministry, the preaching of God’s Word and prayer for people at the end of the service. For His sustaining grace for people going thru difficult times, still waiting for God and trusting in Him. For all this and much more we are THANKFUL!! Grateful to God for His presence and grace to sustain us and bless us in so many ways. 

So as we begin this new year let’s be thankful for all God has done and look forward to a new year with great expectation for all that God will do, because he doesn’t do them because we deserve it, but because he loves His Son and he loves us IN His Son! He loves His Church. So...with an eye looking back on all he HAS done let’s look forward with great anticipation and expectation for all he will do. Let’s pray and ask God to use each of us in this process to share the gospel, care for and disciple each other, highlight evidences of grace in each other, and experience the fellowship of the Spirit and the encouragement of the Scriptures as we faithfully meet together in the “house of the Lord” together. 

And finally....Thanks to you for being a part of all this!