The Confident Life: Psalm 27

This past Sunday, Ron preached from Psalm 27. You can listen to the sermon HERE.

In this Psalm, David gives us a strategy of moving from being fearful and overwhelmed with trouble to becoming confident. As we move through this psalm, we learn to:

1. Be honest and real about our troubles - but not fixate on them without reference to God's activity in our lives.

2. Acknowledge God: he is our light, our salvation and the stronghold of our lives.

3. Our greatest need: "One thing have I asked, one thing will I seek..." 

When David was facing evil doers, armies encamped against him, slanderers, false witnesses and violence - his prayer was that he would know God.

  • to dwell in his house
  • to gaze upon his beauty
  • to inquire in his temple

Our greatest need, our "one thing" is to seek after and know God. But, sadly, we often crave and chase after many other things to satisfy our hearts that were created for "one thing." 

We become like the thing we worship - like the "one thing" that occupies our heart- whether it's God or a sinful replacement.

When we are fearful, anxious, depressed, insecure, chronically disappointed, without hope and angry, these are symptoms not causes; smoke and not the fire. They are symptoms of a heart that has settled for the wrong "one thing."

The remedy? Seeing and knowing God and making him your "one thing."

Application Questions:

  • How are you responding to the trouble in your life?
  • How do the symptoms of anger, fear, disappointment, anxiety reflect the "one thing" of our hearts?
  • How can you move from fear to confidence?
  • What's your "one thing"?