The Kingdom Strikes Back


A New Decree

In series in Esther, we are in chapter 8. [You can listen to the sermon HERE]. In chapter 8 - we see the Gospel message displayed in story form:

The Irrevocable Decree of Death - The Counter Decree of Life - The Window of Opportunity

The Jews, after receiving the death decree and the counter decree had a window of opportunity to prepare to "strike back." Astoundingly, many people during that time became Jews.

We can see our own story in Esther - we've been given the death decree because of our sin against a holy God. He, in his mercy, has provided a way of escape - through Jesus Christ's sacrifice. We've been given a window of opportunity - a chance to prepare for heaven and bring others with us.  This is how we "strike back" - not with human weapons - but weapons of walking in the Spirit, sharing our faith, being witnesses for Christ on the earth.

Questions of Application:

  • If you only had 9 months to live - how would you live differently?
  • What's on your "bucket list"? Are those things kingdom related?
  • According to the message, how are our spiritual weapons different from worldly ones? 
  • Where are you tempted to use weapons of this world?
  • What are the weapons of our warfare? How can you grow in using them? 
  • What's one thing you can do this week to "strike back" - for the Kingdom?