Union Station Homeless Services

The Union Station Homeless Services is a local organization that was established in 1973 for the then blighted downtown district of Pasadena. Today they have multiple locations that work with single homeless adults, and families with children. Helping them navigate community-based services such as housing, employment, medical and mental health, education, and benefits enrollment. They also have volunteer programs that allow individuals, families, civic groups, church groups and others who have a desire to help the homeless in practical ways. One of them is through the Adopt-A-Meal program, where a group of six to ten people agree to provide and prepare a meal in their onsite commercial kitchen, serve the meal and clean up afterwards. This would take place once a month for a twelve month period. If anyone would be interested in serving in this way you can contact me or Diane Hannula. We are looking for approximately 15-20 people who would be willing to make a once a month commitment or an every other month commitment for the next twelve months from October 2016 through September 2017. You can talk to us on Sunday mornings, email or call. My email is stevehannula@gmail.com,: cell is (626) 755-5772. Diane’s email is ushannula@gmail.com: her cell is (626) 255-8419. For more information regarding this organization you can access their site at www.unionstationhs.org.

We look forward to serving with you!

Steve & Diane