Walk it Out Wednesday

For the last several weeks, we have been learning about False Teaching and touched on the topic of idols and idolatry.  

Below are two resources to help you identify possible idols in your own heart: functional gods vs. our professed God.

 "As a Christian you profess that God controls all things, and works everything to His glory and your ultimate well-being. You profess that God is your rock and refuge, a very present help in whatever troubles you face. You profess to worship Him, trust Him, love Him, obey Him. But in that moment—hour, day, season —of anxiety, escape, or drivenness, you live as if you needed to control all things.
You live as if money, or someone’s approval, or a “successful” sermon, or your grade on an exam, or good health, or avoiding conflict, or getting your way, or…matters more than trusting and loving God. You live as if some temporary good feeling could provide you refuge, as if your actions could make the world right. Your functional god competes with your professed God.
Unbelievers are wholly owned by ungodly motives. True believers are often severely compromised, distracted, and divided. But grace reorients us, purifies us, and turns us back to our Lord." - David Powlison

CLICK HERE for the short version - a list of  X-Ray questions to help you to consider and identify motivations behind your behavior.

CLICK HERE for the entire article written by David Powlison that further explains and "Draws Out the Whys and Wherefores of Human Behavior".  

This is a must read for every Christian!