Walk it Out Wednesday

Last Sunday, Ron finished up the series on False Teaching by helping us see that we live in a world that’s filled with voices that speak contrary to God’s Word. Sometimes, those voices are our own because we've internalized what's not true.

Listen to the sermon HERE

Here are a few quotes from the message:

 “People live within a cacophony of voices both internal and external. To the degree we respond to these voices we will live out their logic.” -David Powlison

The Paradox of slavery to sin: captured or choice?

“For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.”

Whatever you believe in your heart to be true, to that you are enslaved.

“Here is the paradox of our slavery to sin. In one sense, we’ve been captured. In another sense, we want to give ourselves to our captors. It’s voluntary slavery. It doesn’t begin as slavery, of course. In the beginning, we may make a clear-headed choice to indulge some sinful desire or to numb some pain. We feel like we control the power of the idol precisely because we choose it.” Mike Wilkerson

In other words, we are led back into slavery through our own desires / lusts.

“In the bible the word lust does not mean a normal sized desire for something evil but an oversized desire for something good.” Tim Keller


“An idol is anything in my life that occupies the place that should be occupied by God alone. An idol is anything that is central to me. An idol is anything that seems to me essential absolutely necessary. An idol is anything by which I live and on which I depend. An idol is anything that holds such a controlling position in my life that it moves and rouses and attracts me so easily that I give my time, my attention, my energy, and my money to it effortlessly.”- Lloyd Jones

Questions for application:

1. What false teaching /voices (internal or external) are you listening to that are contrary to God’s word yet controlling you?

2. What “over-desire” has overcome you- enslaved you? (Even a good desire?)

3. What thing have you desired to the point of making it an idol?

4. How does Luke 15:20-24 give us hope and instruction with how to break the bondage of slavery to sin?

5. How does your understanding of God's grace and the Gospel affect the way you deal with sin, idolatry, and the slavery of our own desires?