Walk it Out Wednesday: Living in Light of That Day

"The Day of the Lord." 

Continuing our series in 2nd Peter, Ron covered 2Peter 3: 8-13   Listen to the sermon HERE.

The Day of the Lord is the return of Christ - the second coming- judgement day. This is a major tenet of the Christian faith; a core belief of Christianity. 

Living in light of the Cross and the Resurrection is meant to produce a changed life. The cross empowers us from behind and his return compels us - from the future.

Living ready means:

Living with eager expectation (Heb. 9:28)

Living in obedience (1 Tim. 6:14)

Living godly lives (titus 2:11-13)

Abiding in Christ (1 John 2:28)

How do we handle delay?

We can be tempted to become bored and distracted. The "thief" metaphor is not meant to trick us but to help us live ready! 

Understanding how God views time, people and "that day" can help us lead lives that please him and be ready for the judgement day.

Application Questions:

How does thinking about Christ's return and "that day" inform your daily life?

How are you tempted to become bored and distracted in your walk with the Lord?

If we express our love to God by obeying what He desires, how does that affect our pursuit of holiness? what about evangelism?