Walk It Out Wednesday: Psalm 123- Finding Mercy

Finding Mercy


In our Psalms of Ascent - Journey to Joy, we are on Psalm 123. This psalm gives us a set of skills in faith, looking to God in a pride-filled world. Listen to the sermon HERE.

Receiving God's mercy is exactly what you need for your journey.

The pilgrim's journey to finding God's mercy:

1. Look up

  • Pride always brings our eyes down on ourselves, placing our desires and feelings at the center of the universe, creating it's own gravitational pull
  • Pride sings songs of descent
  • Lifting up our eyes to the God who is enthroned in the heavens
  • God is above- it's not just about space but about his nature. He is above in rank, honor, authority and glory. He is uncreated and our creator.

2. Wait on God

  • Once we see God in His rightful place, we find our posture before Him - as humble servants.
  • The recipe for waiting on God contains: patience, endurance, anticipation, expectation, faith, keeping watch, staying on your guard, attentiveness, ready to act, always willing to obey. 
  • Waiting on God is actually full and busy activity; one of the hardest things a Christian is called to do. 

Waiting on God is a readiness and willingness to obey God .   

3.   Receive Mercy

  • Not simple rule - instead we get these deep and difficult commands like believe, trust, depend, wait, rest, and receive. 
  • We serve by receiving
  • To look up to God is to wait on God – to wait on him is to serve him – to serve him is to receive from him. 
  • "Have mercy!" - This is the word that means stoop down and show kindness and grace to us. 
  • Receiving mercy (grace, kindness, favor) from God is the antidote to the weariness that comes from living surrounded by pride.

The sum of God’s mercy is Christ to us and for us. 



  1. How are you finding yourself weary, worn down, or even "fed up?"
  2. What's going on in your life that's reminding you that this isn't our home?
  3. Where are you tempted to look down?
  4. How does your understanding of "waiting on God" match/differ with the biblical definition?
  5. What are some concrete ways you can: Look Up, Wait on God, Receive Mercy?
  6. Where are you in need of God's mercy? Share with your community group specific ways they can pray for you.