Walk it Out Wednesday

As we continue in 2 Peter, we've been talking about "The Day of The Lord" and what it means to live now in light of that day. Listen to the sermon HERE.

 (a) In order to be the people God has called us to be, our character, our personal lives, how we live will all be affected by whether or not we are living for that day.

(b)   Our mission depends on it. We will do what God has called us to do, we will be thinking about reaching the lost, investing in our city, be willing to sacrifice to plant more churches if we are living each day in light of that day. 

Living for That Day means:

A)  Living lives of holiness and godliness

  • a holy life is the conduct that flows out of devotion we have toward God
  • holiness is about having a singular devotion to God - all other allegiances are subordinate.
  • living a godly life means that our thoughts, words, actions and attitudes are submitted to God's revealed will.

B) Waiting for and hastening that day:

  • Waiting creates a lifestyle, a conduct, and a disposition of the heart. 
  • Waiting is like being engaged - having our lives centered on our commitment to Christ- saying no to other options as we prepare for that day

Questions to ask ourselves:

Am I living a holy life? Do I have a singular devotion to Christ? Is there anything that supersedes my love of Jesus?

Am I living a godly life? Do my words, thoughts and conduct reveal a submission to God's revealed will?  Where do I need to grow in bringing my life into submission to God's word -as it pertains to my words, my thoughts, my attitudes, my actions?

Am I growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior? What means of grace are you employing to grow?