Walk it Out Wednesday


On Sunday, Lynn gave a powerful illustration about being in a worship service when a woman tried to lead out singing, but she was hopelessly out of tune. As the musicians tried desperately to accompany her, it only produced an agonizing dissidence and a painful experience for all those who were there. 

If we are only "tuned to ourselves" we will find that we are desperately and painfully out of tune with our Creator and Redeemer and the life he's designed for us.

As Christians, we are called to tune our hearts to God - to let him determine the key - and then we follow Him.

Questions for application:

As we go through life, what are we tuned to? The culture? Current thinking? Ourselves? Complaining? Self-focus? The Gospel of Grace?

What does the tune of our lives communicate to those around us?

If we find ourselves desperately "out of tune" - what needs to happen?

We learned from the Psalm writers that although they were very honest in expressing emotions, they always pushed through to faith and praise. What are you experiencing currently that might have you stuck in fear or unbelief? How might you imitate the psalmists and push through to faith and praise?