Alternative facts….that’s a concept made popular recently concerning how some people view President Trump’s way of interpreting events and or issues. He invents or holds to “alternative” facts that he either makes up, or just chooses to believe factors that others would view as unimportant. Now I’m not here to defend the president or his “facts”, but I am here to point out that we can all have a tendency to adhere to the “facts” that serve us the best.

Those who believe in a woman’s right to choose, have accepted the “fact” that the baby in the womb is indeed not a human yet. This goes in direct opposition to the medically established fact that life begins at conception. Most, it not all medical doctors would agree with this, yet abortion supporters would adamantly adhere to this “alternative fact” to justify their position. 

Those who support the transgender issue of letting each individual choose their gender based on how they feel rather on the undeniable reality that they are in fact already one or the other have chosen to deny obvious medical facts and accept an “alternative fact” that is insupportable. 

Those who believe that climate change is primarily man caused have chosen to believe in the “facts” given them by certain in the scientific community and the government, while ignoring a large number of the scientific community who disagree with those “facts”. They have chosen their own set of “alternative facts”. 

This is all coming from people on a certain end of the political spectrum who would virtually worship at the altar of science and yet choose to reject some obvious science and adhere to their “alternative facts”. When people rail on the president for his “alternative facts” they are revealing their own duplicitousness when they themselves choose on a regular basis to hold to “alternative facts” of their own choosing. This just reveals their own foolishness and pride. 

Its like buttoning your shirt starting with the wrong button. If you miss the first one it will obviously make the entire process wrong. As Christians we begin with one unalterable “fact”; God the creator….who just happens to have a plan and will for His creation even though we have chosen to reject him. Without this fact firmly in place nothing else will make sense. Without this fact we would live in a meaningless worldand our only hope would be to create our own meaning, and that indeed could be anything each individual being wanted it to be, and the end result would be chaos. This is the chaos we see our culture descending into today…..If only there was no creator God. Any “fact” that denies this fact is an “alternative fact” that can only lead to destruction. The final “fact” that makes the only difference is we do have a creator God who not only created us in His image, but has sent His Son Jesus into the world to redeem those who have rejected Him, and reconcile us to Himself.This is all revealed in the Holy Scriptures which are God’s self revelation. This is the good news…the gospel. 

So…lets be honest about “alternative facts”. We all tend to have them and we must realize this and get back to the ultimate reality of God as revealed in His Word. Then, and only then, can we start buttoning the shirt of our “facts” rightly.

So...get your facts straight!