Why Community Groups?

Last night in our community group, Ron went over the three reasons we meet together.

Care. Growth. Mission.

It lead to a very lively discussion about friendships, biblical fellowship, meaningful relationships, spurring one another on, serving each other and the community and caring for one another.

It's easy to fall into routine when it comes to community group. We can slip into just going through the motions: attend, ask questions, answer questions, pray, eat and repeat 2 x a month. 

Last night, it was good for us to evaluate ourselves  and ask questions- what is this time for? do we value it? what do we contribute? how do we help each other grow? what are we expecting? how do we dig in deep? 

Some of the comments from our discussion were humble, vulnerable and expressed hearts' desires for authentic, God-glorifying relationships and a fresh commitment to value this sacred time that we'e carved out of busy lives to grow, care for one another and fulfill the call of Christ on our lives - individually and as a group.