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Outdoor Service | Saturday | 7pm Prism Church: 61 N Hill Ave. Pasadena, 91106


Saturday Services @ Prism (61 N Hill Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101)

7:00 pm


Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena @ Prism

61 N Hill Ave

Pasadena, CA 91106



We meet in The Sanctuary of the old First Congregational Church


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How God's Word Works


HOW GOD’S WORD WORKS. (Click here to listen to the messge.)

A. We read and study God’s word each Sunday 

  1. because we believe they are God’s words and food for our souls
  2. We often can experience a disconnect between Sunday and Monday - Saturday.

B. How God’s Word Works

1. We need to connect God’s word into the details of our lives

2. Our text is a recap of interaction between Moses and God

When our hearts are attentive to God’s words, what He says will reorient us, impart grace to us and enable (empower) us to obey.


A. Moses was disoriented

1. God called him, but his self-focus complicated and prevented his obedience

2. He said he had uncircumcised lips (unholy, unusable to God)

B. We get disoriented too: We think there is something wrong with us so we are not equipped    to do what God says.

C. God’s Word re-orients us

1. I am the Lord. “Of all the things that God said to Moses, the most important was this: “I am the Lord.” - Philip Ryken

2. How this reorients

a, turning Moses’ focus away from himself back onto God

b. I am the Lord; I will be with you.

Exodus is a God centered book with a God-centered message that teaches us to have a God-centered life. - Philip Ryken

3. We need to hear this in our lives too:

When we get disoriented, the first thing we need to hear is, “I am the Lord.”

          1. I just can’t forgive that person. It hurts too bad. “I am the Lord.”
          2. I cannot parent these kids. They are too difficult. “I am the Lord.”
          3. I cannot endure this trial. It’s too hard. “I am the Lord.”
          4. I cannot handle this marriage. I’m too lonely. I can’t handle not being married.“I am the Lord.”
          5. I cannot serve. I’m too busy. I cannot give. I’m too poor. I can’t reach out. I can’t speak up. I’m too afraid, too nervous. “I AM THE LORD.”

No matter how the self-focus gets expressed, the antidote to being self-centered is to get God-centered.


  1. Getting oriented is just the beginning. Understanding that “I am the Lord” is necessary, but God needs to reach into the details of our struggles.
  2. God’s word brought grace to Moses- he didn’t change the circumstances, but his heart
  3. God’s word brings grace to our specific need - we need grace= favor, power. This is what God’s word is meant to do in our hearts on a regular basis: we are to depend on it and live on God’s word like daily bread.

“Something that God is, says, and does must invade your life struggles, beckon you, teach you, master you.”  David Powlison


A. Moses obeyed.

Moses went into this conversation with God reluctant, fearful, and unwilling. When God finished speaking, he was willing to go and do all that God had said.

B. Grace empowers change

C. Think globally, act locally. Real change takes place in the details of life.



Can you identify a “disconnect” between what you hear on Sundays and your actual, real life?

Where do you find it hard to connect what you sing and hear about on Sundays with how you live Mon-Sat?

Can you relate to Moses’ disorientation? In what areas of your life do you feel disoriented? What has God called you to do that you are unwilling because of your self-focus?

How does God saying “I am the Lord” address your disorientation?

“Something that God is, says, and does must invade your life struggles, beckon you, teach you, master you.”  -David Powlison

As you identify a life struggle, what does God say in Scripture that must beckon, teach and master you? What is your plan for obedience?

Identify one bite-sized piece of your life that you could obey God in. Share with your community group for accountability and follow up.