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We meet at 85 E Holly St. Pasadena CA 91103


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Revelation Series: The Real Jesus

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Series: The Divine Perspective

Sermon 2/10/19: The Real Jesus

Revelation 4:1-20



Proposition Statement: The more you see of Jesus, the stronger you will be.

 Introduction: The seven churches of Asia, facing increasing persecution, receive encouragement from John’s Revelation to see the real Jesus.  In doing so, they receive grace and peace to endure trials to come, to hold fast rather than to compromise, and to experience joy instead of fear.  We, too, experience this strengthening when we see the real Jesus. 

Point 1: The Earthly Jesus

 The term earthlyrefers to the things of Christ in this life.  The term heavenlydenotes what we will experience when we see Him (see John 3:12).  In Revelation 1, John describes the trinity: the Father as “him who is and who was and who is to come”; the Holy Spirit as “the seven spirits”; and the earthly Jesus as the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, the ruler of kings on earth, him who loves us, [him who] made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, and the Alpha and Omega.

 This earthly Jesus, as the beginning and the end, draws us into Himself and shares Himself with us.  From earth we see that the earthly Jesus is enough to transform us.

 Point 2: The Heavenly Jesus

 But there is more to Jesus than what we experience on earth.  John, who was “in the Spirit” (Rev. 1:10), saw beyond the visible world and into the heavenly realm.  His first vision is of the divine, heavenly Jesus (Rev. 1:12):

  • One like the son of man—triumphant and not defeated,
  • Clothed in a long robe—high-ranking, not stripped and mocked,
  • A golden sash around his chest—honored rather than humbled,
  • The hairs of his head white—dazzling and striking, not without form or beauty,
  • His eyes like a flame of fire—the true judge rather than the judged,
  • His feet like burnished bronze—the bringer of good news, unmarred and unhindered,
  • His voice like the roar of many waters—worthy to be listened to rather than ignored,
  • From his mouth a sharp two-edged sword—able to judge, divide, destroy, and
  • His face like the sun shining in full strength—simply too glorious to behold!

 Point 3: John’s Response is Our Response

 Just as John fell down, was lifted up, listened to Jesus’ words of life, and was sent on a mission, we respond the same when we encounter the real Jesus. 


Application: A Challenge to See the Real Jesus
  • Read one Gospel account each month during this sermon series, using Revelation as a lens to see Jesus’ glory,
  • Ask the Spirit to open your eyes to the divine perspective of Jesus, and
  • Ask other believers, particularly in your community group, to help you see God’s perspective on what you are going through.