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Fourth Letter: The Church in Thyatira



Series: The Divine Perspective

Sermon Title: The Church and Tolerance

Ron Boomsma

Revelation 2:18-29


Introduction: Like a marriage, the bond between Jesus and the Church places His people in a secure and loving commitment which culminates with a future wedding when all will be made right in eternity.  At the end of Revelation 2, the Son of God commends, corrects, and promises the church in Thyatira with this secured future in mind.  Rather than tolerate sin, the Churchmust remain faithful during our earthly journey till our future wedding day in eternity.


Point 1: Jesus Commends


With “eyes like flames of fire” and “feet like burnished bronze” (v. 18), the glorified Jesus sees and discerns all.  He recognizes their works, love, faith, service, patient endurance, and maturity (v. 19).  Yet the church must be watchful because they are in a war with Satan for their souls.


Point 2: Jesus Corrects


In His great mercy, Jesus brings correction to the church in Thyatira.  Rather than accepting the existence of differing views, they have begun to accept different views—that is, tolerate sexual immorality and idol worship due to the city’s challenging economic system.  Jesus invokes the name “Jezebel” (v.20)—first mentioned in Kings 16—to emphasize the severity of the church’s compromise in embracing the deep things of Satan (v 24).


Point 3: Jesus Promises


Jesus offers hope in the form of repentance to those who have compromised in these areas (v. 22).  For those who have resisted compromise, Jesus urges them to hold fast to the faith (v. 25).  To them He promises to give them authority to rule over the nations (v. 26-27).


Conclusion: As the Church keeps in mind our wedding day with Christ, we must not tolerate sin but rather remain faithful to Jesus.