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The Seventh Seal: A Time to Pray

7th seal

Sermon Series: The Divine Perspective

Sermon Title: The Seventh Seal: A Time to Pray

Ron Boomsma

Revelation 8:1-5




The Seventh Seal, opened by the Lamb in Revelation 8:1-5, shows us that our present efforts come into play at the end of time. Specifically, the Seventh Seal brings us to the end, surprises us with silence, and draws our attention to our prayers. Our prayers today matter for eternity.


Point 1:  The Seventh Seal Brings Us to the End


Rather than sequential, the occurrences in verses 1-5 communicate Judgment Day imagery and end-of-time completeness (number 7).  God tells us about the end in order to provide us passage to our greatest happiness.  He is not being cruel. The different interpretations of Revelation include the Preterist View (It happened), the Historicist View (It is happening), the Futurist View (It will happen), and the Idealist View (It won’t happen—just symbolic). See the Sovereign Grace Statement of Faith on the Consummation.


At its essence, Revelation assures us that, in the end, all wrongs will be righted, all evil and the wicked will be done away with forever, and all glories of redemption will be fully realized.  The end is everything we long for, making it our greatest hope.


Point 2: The Seventh Seal Surprises Us with Silence


The great cacophony in the throne room (Rev. 7:9-10) turns to an intense, half-hour of silence (Rev. 8:1), building suspense for God’s mighty acts of judgement to come.  Creation encounters the most meaningful pause of all time.  Consider Jesus: Like a lamb led to the slaughter (Is. 53:7), He remained silent before Pilate (Mt. 27:12-14).  His silence was a precursor to God’s mighty act of redemption. So when God is about to act, He has a way of silencing us (Ps. 46:10).


Point 3: The Seventh Seal Draws Attention to Our Prayers


Before His final act of judgment, God reviews the prayers of the saints (v. 3-4).  The sweet aroma of our prayers reaches Him—both communion-centered (longing to know God) and kingdom-centered (desiring for His kingdom to come).  His answer is that evil will be dealt with, and that God’s people will be in His presence forever.  Knowing that He hears, stores up, and answers our prayers should help us when we struggle to pray.



Our prayers for knowing God and for His coming kingdomwill be answered.We must continue praying, keeping in mind that what we do now matters for eternity.